Who is the team behind Lou and Co.?

Who is the team behind Lou and Co.?

This is us, team behind Lou and Co., mom and two sisters.

Why we started our company?

We love dogs, we always had a dog in our family. We got our first dog when Eva was 7 years old and Nina was 14, we dont know the life without someone constantly making you happy by wagging tail when you come home.

But then we got older, Nina moved to Austria, Eva to Switzerland and Mojca stayed in Slovenia. Thats when we decided we need something to bond us even more-we decided to start our company.

Right before we started our company, Eva and her husband addopted Lou and from there we got our idea how to start a company and the story behind it.

We really try to make beautiful, unique and quality products, but what really is our goal, is to donate as much money as we can to the dog shelters.

So thank you all for supporting us and our dream.