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What can dogs teach us about living a happy life

Everyone who has a dog knows that dog therapy is the best therapy. They are full of joy, loyal, always happy to see you, always up for an advanture and always there for you when you are feeling down. We should pay attention to the way dogs guide us through life by living the happy life.

  1. Love unconditionally

We all know those happy, wagging tails when you come home from your hard day at work, or just after 5 minutes you went down to the basement. Your dog knows you at your best and at your worst – im sure you had those uggly crying moments when you were telling your dog how life is not fair and your dog just set there and was licking your tears away, right? Learning how to be patient with your friends (and yourself) through rough patches provide our loved ones with what they need at their weakest moments and reminds us that everyone deserves to be loved.

2. Being loyal

Dog will always stay by your side, no matter what. They know the value of a good friend. Develop deep relationship and work through tough times with the people you love, it will allow you to grow together with a new, profound perspective.

3. Don’t hold grudges

Did you ever accidentally step on dog’s tail?  Did he stayed mad or he immediately forget about it like never happened?  Your dog will not hold an accidental injustice against you. It can happen in life that people will hurt you or disappoint you but we have to be able to forgive.

4. Live in the moment

Dogs don’t know what is coming tomorrow so they don’t stress about the future. They focus on present moment, in other words, they know how to take advantage of the moment. We should be able to soak up the experience, to just enjoy in the moment. Lets put our phones away for just a second and just enjoy playing with our dog.

5. Greet everybody with enthusiasm

Dogs don’t judge, they don’t make assumptions. Everyone has something to offer you, and you have something to offer to everyone. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. You never know when a new opportunity can rise from something unexpected.

To sum up, without saying, this is what brings you living a happy life. Enjoy the company of your dog, and don’t take it for granted, they can teach us to live life joyfully and light – hearted.

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