Checklist: Traveling with your dog

Summer holidays are coming and more dog owners are deciding to take their furry friend with. After all, they do deserve a holiday after the super exhausting dog life, right?

We are traveling in Tuscany in a couple of weeks and of course Lou and Ellie are coming with, so we have put together a checklist for you to look out for before travelling with a dog. Make sure that your dog will feel comfortable during traveling.


Don’t forget to pack your dogs favourite food, especially if your dog has a special food diet. Since Lou has problems, we make sure that we always pack her veterinary diet food. Ellie and Lou don’t have problems with driving, so we give them breakfast/lunch/dinner normally but a smaller portion before the road. If your dog has problems when driving, try to wait with his food before you reach your destination or feed him with some little snacks.

Portable sleeping place

Dog needs a place to sleep where he feels comfortable. Travelling can be stressful, so make sure that he has something familiar with. It makes him feel as if he always has a piece of home with him. We always take our knitted blanket because it’s light and it doesn’t take a lot of space.

Portable dog bowls

We use ceramic bowls at home which are quite heavy, that is why we pack portable bowls so that they always have refreshment when we explore new places.


Very obvious but it still happens that we are searching for them last minute. We keep them next to our documents, so it doesn’t happen that we forget them at home.

lou and co. knitted blanket, perfect to pack for your trip!

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